Cancer Imaging CT

66F spiculated lesion with extension into the interlobular septa and background of severe centrilobular emphysema
Ashley DAvidoff
Elderly Female with a right upper lobe nodule on Chest CT scan subsequently shown to be carcinoma
Ashley Davidoff
Lung Cancer
Spiculated and Cavitating Nodule
Ashley Davidoff

Cavitating Squamous Cell Carcinoma
65 year male with peripheral lung nodule characterized by cavitation that was not present 2 years earlier . Pathology revealed squamous cell carcinoma
Ashley Davidoff
Spiculated PET positive Cancer with Satellite Nodules
Ashley Davidoff
The Cause and the Effect in one Image
The CT scan through the chest of an 80 year old male shows a large lung mass in the posterior aspect of the right upper lobe (overlaid in green) and3 small nodules in the left upper lobe (overlaid in green). The patient is obviously a smoker and the incriminating pack of cigarettes is identified in his right shirt pocket containing 9 cigarettes. The lung cancer was shown to be an adenocarcinoma The pathology of the nodules may either represent metastatic disease or multicentric foci of bronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma. Associated finding of a thinned anterior junction line suggests hyperinflation and emphysema, and the thickened bronchial walls noted in the right lung suggest chronic bronchitis. Saber shaped trachea is also reminiscent of emphysema. The patient is emaciated, a finding that relates both to his chronic lung disease and his cancer.
Ashley Davidoff MD  87831c01b.8s
87755.8s The CT is from a 51 year old male who is a smoker who shows three areas areas of ground glass opacity in the right lower lobe, two that measure close to 2cms each and a third more anterior that measures about 8mms. This case represents multicetric adenocarcinoma with lepidic growth (aka BAC). lung cancer GGO ground glass opacity multicentric malignant BAC bronchioloalveolar carcinoma bronchiolocarcinoma CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

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