Carcinoid Tumor of the Lung

Carcinoid tumors arise from Kulchitsky cells of the bronchial epithelium which are the stem cells having neuroendocrine activity.

60 years of age. A female predominance

attached to the bronchus by a broad base, may have a polypoid appearance.

Necrosis is present, and they tend to be more aggressive.

  •  single hilar or perihilar mass which is usually well-defined, round or ovoid
  • can be of any size but are typically 2-5 cm
  • there is often marked homogeneous contrast enhancement due to high vascularity
  • calcification (usually eccentric) can occur but is not a common feature

Immunochemistry of atypical carcinoid positive for chromogranin

higher probability to metastasize, to recur, and to have a worse outcome and prognosis.


the 5-year survival ranges from  65% to 75% in

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